Marine Produce Australia Pty Ltd (MPA) has grown to be Australia's largest Barramundi producer.

MPA is the largest producer and supplier of ocean grown Barramundi in Australia. It has achieved this by developing a superior product with some chefs considering it to be the best barramundi in the world due to its wagyu like texture, clean ocean taste and consistency in flavour. Chefs know they can rely on Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi to cook to perfection every time. Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi commands a price premium for its products in the hospitality industry.

MPA is a privately-owned company and has developed and operated its Barramundi sea cage farm in the strong tidal ocean waters of Cone Bay in the Kimberley since 2006. Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi is one of the most isolated commercial aquaculture farms in the world, positioned in peaceful and pristine surroundings, 110 kms north of Derby.

From its inception as a small farm-focused operation, MPA has matured into a business that is now involved in the entirety of the fish farming process, from brood-stock through to sales. The Company actively facilitates communication between all stages of the process in order to ensure production planning is closely tied to an informed understanding of the Barramundi market. With the knowledge gained from all aspects of its business over the past thirteen years, the calibre and professionalism of people joining the team, and its conservative approach to financial and operational forecasts, MPA is confident of continued success and growth.

The Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi farm is located on 1,340 hectares of sheltered ocean water in Cone Bay, in the Buccaneer Archipelago. MPA has a 21-year aquaculture lease over this water (effective from 2011) with a 21 year renewal option, giving it long term farming tenure.
The company achieved a major milestone in 2016 and was granted an increase in its production licence to 15,000 tonne per annum.  This increase delivers the opportunity to reduce per kg costs through economies of scale and enables the company to grow its client base by branching out into the retail sector and international markets.