MPA Produces high quality Australian ocean Barramundi in Australia.

A Pure, Pristine Part of the World 

Every day, as part of scenic flights out of Broome in North Western Australia, tourists fly over Cone Bay, gaze down at Turtle Island and inevitably ask the pilot about those strange ‘water circles’. The extreme remote island sits amidst the Buccaneer Archipelago, comprised of some 1,100 picturesque and unspoilt islands. The ‘water circles’ are in fact polar sea-cages and the grow-out habitat of the totally unique Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi™. 

There are three stages in the Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi farming operation with the first stage being the hatching and rearing of small healthy and elite juveniles chosen from the very best broodstock. The juveniles are graded regularly for size and quality with only the best of each group being transported direct to the farm, where they are then hand reared in the Cone Bay nursery. When they are at the perfect time of their development they are delicately moved to the grow-out ocean cages where they remain swimming against the twice daily tides. Tides ranging between seven and eleven meters flow through Cone Bay daily ensuring that Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi are constantly swimming – just like they are in the wild. The Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi are finally harvested directly from their sea-cages onto the harvest board, where the fish are packed and transported fresh to markets around Australia.