Healthy environment, healthy fish.

Consumers of fish, particularly in the world’s richer economies, are increasingly demanding that retailers guarantee that the fish they offer is not only of high quality and safe to eat but also that it derives from fisheries that are sustainable.

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.


MPA – The Sustainable Australian

MPA is a pioneer in sustainable environmental management of tropical sea cage farming. 

The consumer public is becoming increasingly interested in the origins and impacts, both environmental and social, of the goods they purchase. MPA works on the philosophy that a healthy environment produces healthy fish, and is proud to have been the first Australian aquaculture farm to be rated low impact and sustainable by the Australian Conservation Foundation under their Sustainable Australian Seafood Assessment Program. MPA’s Cone Bay farm was also noted in the Australian Government’s recent State of the Environment publication as an example of how the “careful siting and management of caged fish facilities can result in acceptably low impacts and risks”. MPA maintains the environmental integrity of its Cone Bay site in compliance with its stringent Environmental Protection Authority approved Environmental Monitoring and Management plan. MPA was also the first aquaculture business in Australia to achieve accreditation under the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Healthy Oceans Program.